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The Biochemistry of Cell Signalling

The Biochemistry of Cell Signalling deals in depth with the principles of cell signalling, concentrating on structure and mechanism. It will serve as a reliable map through the maze of cell signalling pathways and help the reader understand how malfunctions in these pathways can lead to disease. The book is divided into four parts. Part 1 describes the machinery of signal transduction starting with the properties of signals, receptors (including receptor activation), regulators, and the molecules that link receptor and regulator. The design of signalling cascades is explained bydescribing central signalling pathways: the Ras-regulated MAPK and PI-3 pathways; the Rho/Rac/Cdc 42 pathway controlling chemotaxis and regulating the cytoskeleton; the G protein coupled receptor cascades in response to sensory and hormonal signals; signalling by TGF-ss in morphogenesis; cytokine signalling that controls haemopoiesis.

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  1. Good site and thanks for helping students like me who cannot buy this costly books. And the new downloading site is better then the previous one (ziddu).

    Thanks again
    God bless you

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