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The Tao Of Immunology:


Title: The Tao Of Immunology: A Revolutionary New Understanding Of Our Body's Defenses

Author(s): Marc Lappe'

Series: n/a

Publisher: Da Capo Press

ISBN: 0738206288

Publication: 2001

Pages: 332

Description: One of the worst assumptions we can make, Marc Lappe suggests, is that human biology is perfectible. We'll read any magazine article that promises a new way to "strengthen" our immune systems, but in reality, strengthening it may be the worst thing we can do. (Not that the information in a typical magazine article would help you achieve that goal in the first place.) In fact, a weaker immune system may actually help protect a body against its greatest threat, which is the hyperexcitable immune system itself. Lappe's theories are based on decades of scientific research, but they ultimately support a basic tenet of Taoism: the more we muck around with nature, the more we encourage disease and disorder.

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