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The Zebrafish: Biology


Title: The Zebrafish: Biology

Author(s): Paul Matsudaira

Series: Methods in Cell Biology, Volume 59

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0125441614

Publication: 1999

Pages: 416

Description: This is the second volume of a two-volume, comprehensive treatment of the methodologies used in researching the Zebrafish, an emerging vertebrate model system. The text includes discussions on development, genetic methodologies, and model applications. The Zebrafish is a two-volume compendium of laboratory protocols and reviews that focus on Danio rerio, the tropical, freshwater fish that has emerged as an extremely powerful molecular-genetic model system for analysis of vertebrate development. Accessible to novices and "old hands" alike, these volumes summarize all aspects of zebrafish cell and developmental biology and provide a comprehensive reference to current genetic and genomic approaches. Volume 59: Biology describes the embryology of the zebrafish, presents methods for cell culture and for the study of gene expression and function in development, highlights cellular techniques for analysis of morphogenesis, and concludes with protocols for the study of, and descriptions of mutations that perturb organogenesis. Volume 60: Genetics and Genomics, presents strategies and methods for genetic screening to obtain developmental mutants and techniques for mapping mutations and cloning of the causative genes.

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