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Practical Immunology

Practical Immunology is a basic text aimed at immunology students and researchers at all levels who need a comprehensive overview of the methodology of immunology. The rapid and startling innovations in immunology over the past two decades have their root in sound experimental practice and it has always been the aim of this book to educate researchers in the design and performance of complex techniques. It will appeal to students of immunlogy, graduate students embarking on bench science, or specialized immunologists who need to use an immunological technique outside their sphere of expertise. The book gives straightforward descriptions of the most common techniques that are referred to, but not always well explained, in the current literature. Tips for improving the techniques, troubleshooting and other handy bits of advice make it more than just a book of standard protocols. Where possible, the techniques are explained in such a way that the purchase of specialist kits is avoidable. For those who are a little rusty on their basic immunology the book also gives background information, making it the only "one stop shop" around. Practical Immunology tells you how to do the basic techniques that form the anatomy of experimental immunology. This latest edition has been fully revised to include the basic techniques of molecular biology, with a revised section on cytokines, an expanded section on clinical immunology and new techniques in epitope mapping and the study of cell adhersion molecules.

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