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Elements of Statistics

Elements of Statistics pres an introduction to statistics and probability for students across a wide range of disciplines. The emphasis on problem solving through analysis of data is enhanced by extensive use of real data sets throughout, drawn from a wide range of subject areas to highlight the diversity of statistics.This is the core textfor students of the Open University's practical introductory course on statistics, M246 Elements of Statistics.Written to support self-study, this book pres an excellent foundation in statistics. Includes real data, real problems, real solutions.
Covers practical statistics, without the complex mathematics. Written from a student-centred perspective with self-assessment exercises and examples. Computer exercises not tied to one particular statistical software package.

The text comprises fourteen chapters which should be studied sequentially. Each of the first twelve chapters consists of teaching material interspersed with examples and exercises and fully accounted illustrative data sets; each chapter ends with a summary, listing the main points that were studied. Chapter 13 uses a case study approach to revise most of the main methods and techniques taught in the course. Chapter 14 pres a look forward to problems which require a more advanced approach, and includes a brief description of how those approaches may be applied. All the exercises have full solutions at the end of the book (they constitute nearly one-fifth of the whole text). Download
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