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Diabetes For Dummies

The newly diagnosed diabetic often feels as if he or she had been plunked down in front of a circus tent, complete with three rings, sideshows, barkers, and scary clowns, only then to be told "okay, pal, start making choices!"

Many patients flee. Others roam around frightened and vulnerable.

Dr. Rubin, however, clearly, calmly, and intelligently guides the patient in this book through the chaos and confusion of the diabetes care circus. He really makes sense out of what is available. The book is unfailingly clear.

I was also impressed with his anecdotes, drawn from his practice, about the emotional experiences of his patients, and with his tips on how to cope with setbacks, glitches, and successes.

Many books on diabetes lecture the patient. In this book, diabetics will find a physician-author who does not lecture and who is not afraid to evaluate treatments and approaches. He seems intent on helping diabetics, and their families and caregivers, return to wonderful lives.


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