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Phylogenetic Analysis

Phylogenetic Analysis

Multiple sequence alignment

  • ClustalW (Multiple sequence alignement at WUSTL, USA)

  • Multiple sequence alignment (at Baylor College of Medecine, USA)

  • BOXSHADE (Software for visual information on aligned regions at ISREC, Switzerland)

  • TaxPlot (3-way comparisons of genomes based on encoded proteins at NCBI)

  • ClustalW (at EBI, UK)

  • ClustalW (at the Baylor College of Medicine, USA).

  • AMAS (Analyze multiple aligned sequences at Oxford University, UK).

  • ConSurf (Identification of functional regions in proteins by surface-mapping of fhylogenetic information at Tel Aviv University, Israel)

  • Entrez-PopSet (Search set of DNA sequences from populations of related individuals/organisms at NCBI)

  • Phylogeny software tools and servers (at the University of Washington, USA)

Organism classification


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