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Cardiovascular Disease Methods and Protocols

The two volumes of Cardiovascular Disease: Methods and Protocols provide comprehensive coverage of both basic and advanced approaches to the study and characterization of cardiovascular disease. In Volume 1: Genetics and Volume 2: Molecular Medicine, highly experienced cardiovascular researchers describe in detail the most important techniques in molecular medicine that are employed in genetic, molecular, cellular, structural, and physiological studies of cardiovascular disease.
A total of 37 chapters cover cutting-edge methods including cytogenetic analyses, linkage programs for mapping chromosomal locations of disease genes, bioinformatics, as well as human genetics for identifying genes for both monogenic and common complex diseases. Other areas covered also include mouse genetics for identifying genes for complex disease traits, microarray (genechips) analysis, proteomics, cell biology, physiology, animal models of human disease, gene therapy, vascular biology, and stem cells.
The theory and principles of each method are described in detail, followed by a thorough description of materials and equipment needed, and step-by-step protocols for successful execution of the method. A Notes section provides advice for potential problems, any modifications, and alternative methods.
Comprehensive and timely, both volumes of Cardiovascular Disease: Methods and Protocols serve as a valuable resource book for active researchers looking to advance knowledge of the mechanisms, diagnoses, and treatments of cardiovascular disease.

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