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Thiamine Deficiency and Associated Clinical Disorders

The past twenty years have seen remarkable advances in neuroscience, neurology, imaging techniques, and diagnostic strategies. These advances have been successfully applied to many different diseases , including thiamine deficiency and associated clinical disorders. Syndromes such as beriberi, Wernicke's disease, Leigh's disease, African Seasonal Ataxia, and various inherited ataxias, have all benefited from improved scientific approaches.
Thiamine Deficiency and Associated Clinical Disorders represents an intriging area of both basic and clinical investigation. Modern imaging and diagnostic strategies have facilitated the rapid treatment, and potential reversal of these clinical disorders. The fusion of laboratory and clinical knowledge serve as an example of how research can translate to successful treatment.

This book is designed to bring together cogent results from both basic and clinical investigation. These data will be of interest to neurologists, internists, nutritionists, biochemists, neurochemists, neuroscientists, and many others with interest in thiamine deficiency.

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