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Communicating Biological Sciences

Communicating biological sciences; an introduction, Brigitte Nerlich, Richard Elliott and Brendon Larson; Part I Setting the Scene: Issues of Hype, Hubris and Humility in Science Communication and Citizen Participation: How journalism can hide the truth about science, Elmien Wolvaardt; Technologies of humility: citizen participation in governing science, Sheila Jasanoff. Part II Science Communication, Ethics and Framing: Models and Cultural Reality: The ethics of framing science, Matthew C. Nisbet; Bioethical decisions and the public sphere: a cross-cultural perspective, Christoph Rehmann-Sutter; Journalism and society, Toby Murcott; Science communication and ethics – trying to get it right: the Science Media Centre – a case study, Fiona Fox. Part III Science Communication, Metaphors and Practical Realities: Genes, genomes and what to make of them, Jon Turney; A workbench view of science communication and metaphor, Tim Radford; Metaphor contests and contested metaphors: from webs spinning spiders to barcodes on DNA, Stephen Strauss. Part IV Science, Science Communication and Metaphor Analysis: Should scientists advocate? The case of promotional metaphors in environmental science, Brendon Larson; Metaphors as time capsules: their use in biological sciences and the media, Iina Hellsten; Breakthroughs and disasters: the (ethical) use of future-oriented metaphors in science communication, Brigitte Nerlich; Craig Venter and the re-programming of life: how metaphors shape and perform ethical discourses in the media presentation of synthetic biology, Andrew Balmer and Camille Herreman; Epilogue: Blame Francis Bacon: the metaphor of progress and the progress of metaphor in science, Megan Allyse; Index.

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